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  • About Top Tier

    In 2004 Top Tier started with one team. It was an 18U team that traveled the country quickly creating a national brand with the style of baseball they played. That team went on to win 40+ games and featured future big leaguer John Ely and 5 draft picks.

    Top Tier has evolved from it's inception in 2004 to one of the elite amateur baseball organizations in the United States. The strength of our program lies in our commitment in developing players and building confidence through hard work and dedication.

    We design our program to maximize the exposure of our players by playing a competitive regional schedule combined with strategic elite national events. Our high school schedule provides players the platform to showcase their abilities in front of the top schools and scouts across the country. Over the past several years, Top Tier players have committed to schools in the Power Five Conferences and more including BIG 10, SEC, ACC, PAC 12, BIG 12, Big East, Missouri Valley, and Ivy League among others.

    We take great pride in Top Tier's "A Tradition of Baseball Excellence" that has developed as a result of hard work by many outstanding players, the dedication of coaches, the unwavering assistance of our sponsors and the commitment and support of parents. The common purpose of all those involved is to put players in a position to compete, whereby gaining confidence with success and learning from failure. We believe our staff puts players in the best position to succeed on and off the field.

    Since our inception in 2004, Top Tier has expanded from just a single team out of Chicago into 67 teams, spanning the country from coast-to-coast. The Top Tier programs are listed regionally below:

    illinois & Chicago Area

    Top Tier Headquarters - McCook, IL
    Our first and largest location. Home to 34 teams, ranging in age from 9U to 18U. Dillon Forestell is our Youth Director (9U through 14U) and is assisted by Johnathan Brandt. Matt Plante and Seth Kenny are the Co-Directors of our High School Program.

    Top Tier North - Glenview, IL
    Top Tier North started in 2016 and has expanded over the years from three teams in 2016 to 27 teams in 2022 ranging in ages from 9u to 17u. The Top Tier North teams are operated by Tony Gragnani and Brian Duffy.

    Top Tier West - Oswego, IL
    New to the Top Tier Family in 2019, Top Tier West is home to teams ages, 11U - 17U. The Top Tier West teams are Operated by Kris Jenkins.

    Top Tier Springfield - Springfield, IL
    New to the Top Tier Family in 2019, The Top Tier Springfield have teams at 10U - 16U. The Top Tier Springfield teams are operated by Matt Heubner.

    Top Tier Central - Peoria/Bloomington/Champaign, IL
    New to the Top Tier program in 2022. Currently has teams from 13U - 17U. Top Tier Central is operated by Josh Weeks.

    Top Tier South - Minooka, IL
    Top Tier South is located in the southwest suburbs of Chicago and joined Top Tier in 2021. The South division is operated by Lou Simios.


    Top Tier Roos - Tampa, FL
    The Top Tier Roos are home to four high-end high school teams at the 15U, 16U and 17U age groups. Additionally, the Top Tier Roos are affiliated with the youth baseball program, Kangaroo Court at the 9U through 14U age-level. The Top Tier Roos are operated by Jason Miller and Andy Fleischacker.


    Top Tier NorCal - San Francisco, CA
    The Top Tier NorCal are home to very competitive teams ages 10U - 17U in Northern California that started in 2020. The Top Tier NorCal is operated by Kyle Stewart.


    Top Tier Michigan - Kalamazoo, MI

    New to Top Tier in 2019, our Michigan program has teams in the 9U - 16U age levels. Top Tier Michigan is operated by Dave Wuis.


    Top Tier Iowa - Fairfax, IA
    New to Top Tier in 2020, our Iowa program has teams in the 8U - 15U age levels. Top Tier Iowa is operated by Jay Whannel.


    Top Tier Indiana - Bargersville, IN
    Top Tier Indiana is located in Bargersville, just south of Indianapolis. Indiana is operated by Jeff Amodeo.

    Top Tier A's - Evansville, IN
    A's joined Top Tier in 2022. Run by Jason Murphy, the A's have a youth and high school program and opened a new academy named Grit Academy in early 2024.

    Top Tier NWI - Schererville, IN
    Northwest Indiana is located in Schererville and joins Top Tier in the fall of 2024. Top Tier NWI, formerly known as Schererville Shock, will have a 15-17U program effective post-summer.


    Top Tier Kentucky - Louisville, KY
    Top Tier Kentucky is operated by Ryan Wheat and is located in Louisville, KY. TT Kentucky uses ADP for training and is home to a youth program.

    New York

    Top Tier Aviators - Long Island, NY
    Top Tier Aviators are run by Jason Galbrath and are located in Medford, NY. Aviators consists of a youth and high school program.

  • Testimonials

    Tanner Roark, Class of 2005, University of Illinois, Washington Nationals

    Top Tier provided me with the opportunity to compete at the highest level of competition during high school. Todd Fine and Top Tier helped me build the foundation to take my career to the highest level, and for that, I am forever grateful.

    John Ely, Class of 2004, Miami of Ohio, Milwaukee Brewers

    Top Tier and Todd Fine gave me the chance to play against some of the best competition in the country while I was in High School. I have no doubt that this exposure helped me develop my skills and reach my goals.

    Anthony Ray, Class of 2013, John A Logan College, St. Louis Cardinals

    Top Tier taught me that champions are made from something they have deep inside them, a drive, a dream, a vision. TT HAS provided so many opportunities for me to be successful in life as well as baseball.

    I have only been playing for TT for 2 years now and I can say that this is my second family. You have seen that talent in me that other people did not see. It also taught me that championships are made from something they have deep inside them, a drive, a dream, a vision. TT has provided so many opportunities for me to be successful in life as well as baseball.

    Adam Walton, Class of 2012, University of Illinois

    TT has helped me grow not only as a ballplayer, but as a better individual as well. The coaches are some of the best around. I have been lucky enough to be with Todd since I was about 7 and he has been nothing but helpful since then with everything from school to helping me play college ball at Illinois. He is not only a great coach but someone who will always be there for you.

    John Kravetz, Class of 2011, University of Illinois

    To play for Top Tier has been a huge honor and privilege. From the COACHES, the COMPETITION, the EXPOSURE, and the MEMORIES, everything has been first rate. Coach Fine and his staff are very knowledgeable and second to none. Top Tier is huge reason I am playing baseball at the University of Illinois in the Big Ten.

    Luke Johnson, Class of 2014, Bucknell University

    Top Tier has brought my game to another level. I have grown tremendously as a ball player, but even more as a man. The quality of the coaches isn't matched by anyone. Day in and day out you learn how to compete with the best of the best. I can't thank the coaching staff enough for all they have done for me.

    Connor Powers, Class of 2006, Mississippi State University, Padres Organization

    Todd, Thanks, wouldn't be anywhere close to where I am today without Top Tier Baseball. Best decision I ever made.

    Kyle Colletta, Class of 2013, Northern Kentucky University

    Top Tier has given me every opportunity possible to reach my full potential and has enabled me to continue my career at the next level. It's a program that really lives up to its name.

    Jack Fischer, Class of 2011, Wake Forest University

    Top Tier has allowed me to play at the highest level with some of the best coaching around. I played on Top Tier under Todd Fine for three years. From the national tournaments to the PBR showcases, I was able to compete with the best players not only in Illinois, but the country. The coaching of Seth Kenny and Matty Plant has helped tremendously in the development of my game both physically and mentally. Top Tier was able to give my teammates and myself the national spotlight to advertise our skills on the field. I am very grateful for the opportunity to compete in an organization such as Top Tier.

    Kevin Smith, Class of 2013, Creighton University

    Top Tier is true to its name. There is not a better travel organization anywhere close in the Mid West. The facilities, staff and level of competition made me a better player.

    Anthony Milazzo, Class of 2011, University of Illinois

    I also wanted to inform you that this past fall I successfully walked on to the University of Illinois baseball team. Top Tier was such an integral part of my success and I wanted to let you know how grateful I am to have been a part of it.

    Ryan Powers, Class of 2011, University of Miami of Ohio

    In addition to being a part of special group of young men the Top Tier team provided many national venues showcasing his talents against the best players across the country with college coaches from all areas scouting Top Tier players. The Top Tier coaches were professional, knowledgeable, encouraging and provided an outstanding road map to the future expectations that would be required at the next level. The Top Tier program has enriched Ryan's life with new friends and special experiences that he is truly thankful for.

    Michael Martin, Class of 2011, Harvard University

    Thank you Top Tier for giving Michael the opportunity to play for your organization. Michael took full advantage of the exposure opportunities you provided and as a result Harvard University chose him to play baseball for them. Mike always wanted to use his athletic abilities to help gain admittance to the best possible academic institution. Thanks Top Tier for making this happen.